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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods

can be defined as substances that needs utmost care during transportation. At times when dangerous goods are transported by aircraft there is a risk to health, property, safety, environment etc. These goods include radioactive materials, explosives, flammable liquids, dangerous or strong acids, compressed gases, poisons etc. Hence they must be handled with extreme care.

Transportation of goods also needs to be done in a legal way. It is controlled and governed by a variety of different official authorities which operates at both domestic as well as at international levels. IATA is one such organization and to transport hazardous goods they must meet the requirements specified in the current edition placed by IATA

Explosions can occur when

dangerous goods

come in contact with heat, light, fire etc.

Safe handling of goods is an explicit service offered by Exim Shipping & Projects India LLP. Goods are transported with respect to the IATA rules and regulations which states how the articles must be packed, marked, labelled and documented. IATA works with the local government and ICAO and hence ensures the rules and guidelines are effective and viable.