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Exim has tie-ups with acclaimed

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like FEDEX, UPS, ARAMAX, TNT and many more who are trusted by millions globally.

An important stage after the manufacturing of goods is their preparation for shipment which involves packaging and labeling of goods which is to be exported. Proper packaging and labeling of goods not only makes the final product look attractive but it also save a huge amount of money by saving the product from wrong handling of the import and export process.

The key role of packaging is to hold, protect and preserve a product as well as aid in its handling.

Exim packaging provides following benefits to the goods to be exported:

Exim Solutions India undertakes any type of packing for which we have experienced staff and adequate materials. We are a prestigious company for proper packing of any king of goods to be exported.

Exim guarantees on time pick up and delivery of goods to/from anywhere in the India. We are proficient in handling all kinds of cargo and are experienced in safe and timely delivery. Exim enjoys hi-tech connectivity through its state-of-the-art communication network and advanced office automation. Exim provides variant transport services, using the necessary channel for cost effective, undamaged and punctual delivery.

We offer a wide range of custom clearance services through our agencies for both Export & Import shipments.

Exim customs clearance work includes preparation and submission of documentations which are required to facilitate export or imports into the country. The documented permission that a national customs authority grants for the imported goods so that they can enter the country or for exported goods so that they can leave the country. Some of the documents involved in customs clearance are:

Exim arranges cargo to be shipped by apt routes, schedules Airlines / Shipping lines and Flights / vessels and helps in the tracking of the consignment.

Exim has a well connected network of partner firms which are situated in all the major cities of India, who work closely with us to implement a persistent flow of services in the areas of customs clearance, inland transportation, cargo inventory and measurement, consolidation, distribution and storage.

Exim provides customers with all documentation solutions right from the foremost process such as acquisition of the goods all the way to the last stage of delivery.

Exim has a team put together from different backgrounds including management, shipping, and transportation to provide with the best of services.